Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

I know the entries have been a little thin around Rolling In the Dough of late as I've gotten pulled deeply into Local Roots and the continuing market season. Most days I feel as if the year has flown by in plodding increments, and there's always way too much to do in too little time that passes both too slowly and too quickly.

If you're confused by that... welcome to my world!

Today, though, begins a four-day weekend when I hope I can catch up on some rest but also some work. And while I have no responsibilities for the Thanksgiving feast (thank you so much, My Wonderful Parents!), I'm still baking up a storm in order to get ready for Saturday's market.

While the crackers bake and the roll dough rises, though, I'll take a little time to give thanks:

1. I am so very thankful that after the health crises in my immediate circle earlier this year, everyone is staying healthy now or has recovered well from a bout of the flu.

2. I am thankful for a good harvest this year -- not everything performed spectacularly, but I ended up with a good bit to preserve for winter, and I am still enjoying fresh produce every week, both from the market and from the garden.

3. I am thankful for the joy of seeing all our hard work at Local Roots come to fruition. We are off to a hugely successful start, and the wave of enthusiasm coming from the community has truly kept us riding high. Of course, that means much more work ahead to sustain the excitement and involvement, but we are on our way!

4. I am thankful for the friends discovered through Local Roots, especially the Farmgirl Wannabe (who has welcomed my early attempts at farming on her land) and the fabulous Jen (a kindred artistic spirit!). How rich you've made my life this year!

5. I am deeply thankful for the support of friends and family as I have explored new ways of building local food systems this year. The work continues to be challenging and exhausting, but so rewarding. Thank you, over and over again, for all you do to keep me sane.

6. I am thankful for the gifts of words and work. The two often intertwine and propel me forward in all that I do.

7. Most of all, I am thankful for the gift of hope. Much of what I see in the news and in the world at large can depress me on a constant basis, but what I find among my friends, my Internet "community," and my community involvements here gives me hope for something better, something that uplifts us all and builds a more secure, self-reliant existence for everyone. That doesn't mean that the work is easy -- merely that what we do in practicing our "home economics" (as Wendell Berry puts it) or in building community has become a vital kind of work for all of us. So thanks to all of you who are leading the way, even in little ways, and bringing hope to so many.

I'm sure I could go on and on with the many things I'm thankful for today (like sunshine!), but I'll stop here.

What are you giving thanks for today?

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At 11/26/2009 7:57 PM, OpenID movinginspirals said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you! Right now I am thankful to put my feet up, relax and spend the rest of the evening knitting. :-) So glad all your Local Roots efforts are paying off. One of these weekends we're going to head down to the market for sure.

At 11/27/2009 1:38 PM, Blogger The Baklava Queen said...

Oh, now that sounds lovely, my Spiral Friend! One of these days I'll have to pick up my knitting again (and learn it all over again)...


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