Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Forecast is For Grain and More Grain

In my quest to stock up on baking items for winter, I not only called the Miller for my usual big order of locally milled flours, I also put in a call to a local farmer who raises certified organic wheat and spelt.

When I asked what he had available, he said, almost apologetically, "Well, everything is in 50-lb bags." Oh, no problem, I said, I'll take one 50-lb bag of wheat and another of spelt.

Lest you think me reckless, I knew I'd be using all that grain this winter -- and that by the end of the season I'm likely to have Michelle Obama-quality buff biceps from hand-cranking my now seemingly inadequate grain mill.

So at the Local Roots open house on Saturday, my new favorite grain guy brought in the two big bags for the Renaissance Man to load into his truck, and I dashed off a check for a very reasonable amount and handed it to him with profuse thanks.

I planned on using my stash of 5-gallon food-grade-plastic buckets for storing the grains, with the lids keeping the grains safe from pests. But boy, those bags sure looked daunting...

Each bag required two buckets, so I definitely need to restock my bucket stash (those things are so handy!). But now I have plenty of grain for winter breads and other baking -- and doesn't that spelt look inviting?

I think I'm just about set for a grainy day...

NOTE: Blogging is likely to be light this month with everything going on. Please be patient with me!

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