Friday, October 09, 2009

Ya Gotta Have Art... and Food!

There's been too much busy-busy around here of late, and I'm interrupting the regular flow of food and gardening posts to get happy.

Are ya with me?

There's a lot of beautiful and joyful stuff going on all around me, and I think it's time I got my head out of my own craziness to celebrate some of the folks around me who are providing much-needed smiles, inspiration, and refreshment.

My hero, Gene Logsdon, recently talked about food and beauty over at, and it's worth reading. So often we get caught up in the health, nourishment, and survival aspects of food that we forget to think about the aesthetics of it -- and how it's the beauty and satisfaction that comes from experiencing the beautiful that has led folks like me to a deeper appreciation of true home economics.

Thinking of his post inspired me to catch the above photo from the Farmgirl Wannabe's kitchen yesterday evening -- the colors, the forms, the celebration of food as art all warmed my heart on a chilly, drizzly day.

Other recent delights?

--I'm smitten with 5 Orange Potatoes, a mom's blog about herbs and teaching her charming "little ladies" about nature and the beauty found there. I'm picking up tips for herbal preparations and uses, as well as for possible crafty things to do with My Adorable Nephews.

--Stony Run Farm, a little Oregon homestead run by Risa and Beloved, offers up well-written and thoughtful pieces of living from the land in a simple, sustainable, beautiful fashion. Risa is following the Independence Days challenge, too, so it's good to read what she's been doing and to learn from her.

--Props to the lads at Beetses, one of whom is now a frequent Saturday-morning farmers'-market how-do-you-do acquaintance for me. Yes, they cook a lot of meat -- not quite so appealing to a veg-head like me -- but I appreciate the enthusiasm they bring to preparing and savoring local food and to learning more about cooking while they do it. (Full disclosure: Nathan and Meena are volunteers at Local Roots, which is how we met up after passing each other, blissfully unaware, around town.)

--And of course, any discussion of beauty, art, and good food would be sadly lacking without a hat tip to the fabulous Jen Hugon, graphic designer and marketing goddess for Local Roots and super-fun artist! Jen has offered a few of her lovely art works for the Forty Seeds Project, and she'll be bringing some of her art (and Woolykins -- needle-felted creatures) to the Local Roots holiday market next month. (Save your pennies!)

These are some of the folks I look to each morning to lift my spirits and to kindle new ideas of my own. Who are you finding out there in the Land o' the Interwebs who sets your taste buds or artistic soul alight?

It's easy to get bogged down in all the work involved with food, either in cooking, in gardening, or in preservation.

So take some time this weekend to relax and savor the beauty!

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At 10/09/2009 5:07 PM, Blogger Jennifer Hugon said...

What a warm fuzzy happy post for these chilly, rainy autumn days! Thank you for turning me on to some great blogs!

You are too too kind ... and I can't wait for the holiday market and all the peeps I'll meet!

At 10/12/2009 7:15 AM, Blogger The Baklava Queen said...

Hey, Jen, it's the least I can do after all the inspiration you've given me! :-)


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