Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Oh, Say, Can You CSA? 2009 Week 20

Where did the summer go? Those sunny warm days seem so long ago right now, especially when the grey skies hover and the chilly fall rains come down (as they have so often lately).

Today, at least, we had sunshine, despite the nip in the air, as the Renaissance Man and I headed out to see the Lady Bountiful and to pick up the last assortment of CSA produce for the year.

With My Wonderful Parents off on an adventure of their own, I was delighted to persuade the RM to go with me -- and to share the bounty with him.

The Lady had decorated for our arrival! Well, not specifically for us -- she has invited all her CSA members to a grand feast on Saturday, which we will, unfortunately, miss. (Tara, tell me all about it!)

But the colorful welcome made the final CSA pickup festive, if a little bittersweet.

The Lady pulled out all the stops for us in this final week, adding four new crops to our shares and loading us up with more excellent food:

--one large delicata squash (for the RM)
--one winter squash (your choice; I chose an acorn squash for the RM)
--one quart pears (for me, for canning)
--two small cabbages (green for the RM, red for me)
--two bulbs garlic (split)
--two sweet onions (split)
--one bunch of celery (for me)
--one pint tomatoes (split)
--one pie pumpkin (for me)
--one quart lima beans (for me, possibly for my folks)
--one bunch carrots (for me)
--one bag green beans (for the RM)
--one pound Red Russian kale (for me)
--one bunch leeks (for me)
--one bunch turnips (for me)
--two pounds peppers (split, but mostly for the RM)
--one pumpkin (for decoration)
--one corn shock
--my last (sniff!) half-dozen eggs
--my last honey bottle in my share

I also had ordered a few extra things for storage ahead of time: a few more little pie pumpkins (shared with the RM), another bunch of turnips (for root cellar storage), several small cabbage heads (like overgrown Brussels sprouts), and carrots and beets that she had not been able to pick ahead of time (so I will get those at the market later).

The Lady had figured out our total amount of produce over the twenty weeks of the CSA season, and while I didn't hear the total amounts (either in weight or cost), I did hear her say that we had 51 different kinds or varieties of produce. I well believe it! It's been a very colorful and delicious season!

She is offering extended season shares, but I will wait to discuss that with My Wonderful Parents. Since I've been stocking up on extras, I'm not desperate to do it, but I certainly wouldn't say no.

Then, after we loaded up the truck with the enormous bounty, instead of turning left out of the drive, we turned right and headed down the road to explore a new-to-us cider stand. I bought a gallon of very good, rich, tangy cider; a bag of Empire apples; and a wee little straw bale that should provide enough straw for my potato bin storage this winter.

Now... to find time to do something with all of this... and to enjoy it!

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