Saturday, October 24, 2009

Market Report: 10/24/09

The farmers' market was down to half a dozen vendors today: the Amish Farmer, the Cheerful Lady, the Lady Bountiful, and three others. The chill in the air and the threat of rain definitely played a factor in crowd control, because there weren't many more people than that out browsing at any given time.

Still, I posted a couple of signs about the Local Roots open house next week, and even before I left I heard customers asking the farmers about Local Roots -- the excitement continues to stir people!

I reminded myself to buy things just for using soon instead of feeling like I had to stock up even more, but I still brought home a hefty load:

--three small winter squash, a bunch of carrots, and two flat red peppers from the Lady Bountiful
--a quart of Yukon Gold potatoes, a large "cheese" pumpkin, and cookies from the Cheerful Lady and Handyman Joe
--a half-pint jar of pear butter from a new couple
--a head of Cheddar cauliflower from one of our Local Roots producers
--a loaf of honey-cracked wheat bread, a plate of maple-nut cookies, and a small pecan pie from the Mennonite Baker (I was hungry)

I think I fancy making either a roasted potato soup tomorrow or some sort of curry, and perhaps it's even time to bake a pumpkin. The temps are dropping again -- along with the golden leaves outside my window -- so it's time to reach for comfort food.

One more week outside -- and then it's time for Local Roots!

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