Saturday, October 17, 2009

Market Report: 10/17/09

Yet another grey, chilly day with the threat of rain -- no wonder the farmers' market continues to dwindle!

Some of my favorite people were on hand, though, with tables still loaded with a good variety of produce, so I was happy to visit with them and fill my bag:

--pears, parsley, pac choi, carrots, onions, and a gigantic white turnip from the Lady Bountiful
--Yukon Gold potatoes, Broadleaf Czech garlic, a tender lettuce mix, and a bunch of thyme from the Cheerful Lady, plus a small bag of dry minced garlic that she wanted me to try
--Jonagold apples from the Orchardist
--brussels sprouts from the Amish Farmer

I wandered back home early to unload my backpack before my hair appointment, and afterward, I swung back through the market on the way to the natural foods store. This second time through, I picked up:

--molasses cookies from the Mennonite Baker
--a bunch of red hot serrano peppers from the Lady Bountiful (for drying and turning into chili powder)

Then, I took some time to stock up on bulk foods from the natural foods store: flour, rice, oats, sugar, salt, tea, and so on. Who knew my cupboards were getting so bare (at least in these staples)?

I was sorely tempted to pick up more at the farmers' market -- more potatoes, more squash, something -- but it occurred to me that I don't really have to have this squirrel nut-gathering mindset when Local Roots will be open soon!

And that thought warmed my heart on such a chilly day.

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