Saturday, October 10, 2009

Market Report: 10/10/09

Now that we're entering the home stretch of the farmers' market season, things are slowing down considerably. The sun rises later, the morning remains chilly, and the crowds (both of farmers and of shoppers) have thinned out considerably.

As for me, I love it. (Well, I don't love not seeing some familiar faces...) This is the time of year when I feel I can start to relax a little, take a deeper breath, and enjoy what is.

The bulk of food preservation is behind me for the year, though I'm still trying to tidy up from the last couple of CSA offerings. Now I'm moving more toward storing food whole, not prepping and preserving. What a relief!

So these days, I head to the market more with a sense of easygoing willingness to see what the day has to offer. With a cup of spiced coffee and a walnut croissant from the Hungarian pastry shop in hand, I'm ready to wander.

I had received an email from the Cheerful Lady yesterday offering gallons of fresh-pressed cider to her select friends, so I had eagerly requested a jug for myself. I stopped by to visit with her and Handyman Joe -- not to mention to get a swig of that spicy, tart, satisfying cider from my own gallon.

Having filled my backpack with some heavy items from them, I decided to leave my bag and my jug with them while I continued my circuit.

My wanderings for the morning brought me a fine yield:

--Yukon Gold potatoes, two small squash, and the cider from the Cheerful Lady and Handyman Joe
--broccoli and sweet potatoes from the Young Farmers
--beets, chard, acorn squash, and pears from the Lady Bountiful
--a loaf of peasant bread from a baker with a book in her hand

It's not much, true, since there weren't many farmers out on a gray and threatening morning. But with what I already have at home, it's more than enough.

Three weeks remain for the Downtown Farmers' Market, which would be sad news if not for one thing: Local Roots will open the weekend immediately after and continue the tradition of good food and fellowship downtown!

So maybe the season won't end after all!

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