Friday, October 30, 2009

Independence Days #25

Busy, busy, busy week! And I'm not sure what else to say...

1. Plant something: Nothing.

2. Harvest something: Not this week.

3. Preserve something: Dried apples, apple peel; strained and bottled plantain oil, burdock extract.

4. Reduce waste (Waste not): Used the flour left from last week's baking (from rolling out dough) in zucchini fritters; used cane sugar left over from rolling ginger molasses cookie dough to use in morning tea or coffee.

5. Preparation and storage (Want not): Saved seeds from a lovely little red kuri squash; bought more flour (and then proceeded to use it); compiled lists of items I need to stock up on next for holiday baking, then took care of one list at the local grocery.

6. Build local food systems: Made more Local Roots connections at the Farmgirl Wannabe's wedding; enjoyed the comments from my "market research" there; put the money the FW paid for my baking toward upcoming Local Roots events (another thing for the Forty Seeds Project!); finished editing the Local Roots newsletter (a whopping 8-pager!); oh heck, was pretty much obsessed with Local Roots all week while trying to prepare for upcoming events!

7. Eat the food: Some of those delicious wedding appetizers; roasted potato soup; broccoli pizza; fresh apples; granola with last year's dried wild blueberries; roasted Brussels sprouts; raw cider that is starting to turn and get happy.

The Local Roots Open House is this Saturday, and next weekend we'll start the film series, so I'm going to be pretty busy yet. I just have to remember to slow down occasionally and breathe!

How are things in your world?

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At 10/31/2009 7:20 PM, Blogger K said...

Girl you are amazing and I love the blog. Check out if you would like to be let me know. I want to build a community of consumable earth sites all over where we share how we are going to change the world with food :)
- Krystal


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