Friday, October 09, 2009

Independence Days #22

Wow, I'm really getting tired of saying, "It's been such a busy week, I've barely been in the kitchen!"

Yes, I've gone through another round of meetings, appointments, and scheduled events, and I'm pretty whipped. I have piles of produce sitting on the kitchen table, more in boxes and baskets on the floor, and yet more in the refrigerator -- and no significant chunks of time to deal with any of it.

That has got to stop. NOW. And I intend to do something about it this weekend.

In the meantime, here's what little I did do this week:

1. Plant something: Winter wheat at the Farmgirl Wannabe's homestead.

2. Harvest something: Foraged hickory nuts at the Farm; radishes and borage from the Renaissance Man's garden.

3. Preserve something: Started chickweed oil, chickweed tincture, basil vinegar, borage vinegar.

4. Reduce waste (Waste not): Other than the usual, not so much.

5. Preparation and storage (Want not): Found a lined curtain for my bedroom window this winter at Goodwill (dirt cheap and in great shape!); got a small bale of straw for root cellaring potatoes or sweet potatoes; tucked turnips, carrots, and more leeks into my root cellar sand boxes.

6. Build local food systems: Visited an off-grid greenhouse in the Columbus area during the solar tour and talked about possibilities spinning off from that with the Renaissance Man; walked the woods at the Farm with the RM and found more hickory trees and other good wild edibles to revisit next year; talked about Local Roots with a local lawyer who was very excited about the market; started being more forward about inviting people to join Local Roots (and having membership information handy!); firmed up plans for the Local Roots film series; checked out a new cider source (near the Lady Bountiful's farm); discussed farming plans with the Farmgirl Wannabe.

7. Eat the food: Chard-walnut pasta; apple pie bars; good cider!; cucumber sandwich on the Chef Mother's bread; leftover emerald curry; ravioli with end-of-season tomatoes and basil.

As we head deeper into fall, I hope I will have some more time to work on some of these things, despite the harvest season dwindling rapidly.

And I really hope to start this weekend.

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