Thursday, October 08, 2009

If You Don't Like the Weather, Wheat a Minute...

Ever since I discovered the moderate success of my buckwheat crop this year, I have been eager to plant my winter wheat on the prepared plot at the Farmgirl Wannabe's homestead.

Of course, as any farmer will tell you, plans generally don't go the way you want them to proceed. The old saying, "Man plans, God laughs," is especially true when you're dealing with nature and a pair of incredibly hectic schedules.

So though I had hope to sow the wheat seeds in late September, a full calendar on both our parts kept us from getting things ready.

Today, though, despite the threat of rain in the forecast, we made it happen. I had a free evening, she had a free evening, and we raced to beat the incoming front.

The FW's fiancé had mowed down the peas, vetch, and oats in this bed and raked a mess of cut grass on top. We had originally planned to till this plot, but time continued to march on without us, so I decided at the last minute to accept the no-till version of planting. We raked the grass off the bed, pushing it aside to use as mulch.

A faint misty rain started to fall on my shoulders as I reached for the bag of seed, so I hurriedly loaded the broadcast seeder and walked across the plot, scattering seed in front of me. We then gathered up clumps of drying grass and worked a loose layer of it over the seed (since I didn't have a seed drill to bury the seeds or even extra loose dirt to cover them, I opted for mulch).

Then, we stood back, saluted each other, and headed inside as the sprinkles got a little more steady, giving the plot the start of a good watering.

Now, maybe I went about this all wrong and planted things too late and too haphazardly. I'll find out. But I'm not expecting major yields, and I can always say, "I still have seeds left, and there's always next year." I'm still learning how to work with Nature, and yes, I'm going to make mistakes or be stuck scrambling for a solution now and then.

We're expecting more rain tomorrow and early next week, though, so I am hopeful that the wheat will germinate and begin to grow before slipping into winter hibernation.

And we'll wheat and see what happens...

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