Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oh, Say, Can You CSA? 2009 Week 18

Yes, this week's CSA adventure was a day late. Neither My Wonderful Parents nor I were able to head up to the farm on our usual pickup day this week, so the Lady Bountiful graciously allowed us to come today, her other CSA day, to pick up our goodies.

Even with the cooler weather settling in, the bounty that awaited us still had the capacity to dazzle:

--one Table Ace acorn squash (the green one; mine)
--one Taybelle acorn squash (the cream one; for my folks)
--two sweet onions (split)
--two bulbs garlic (mine)
--two pounds zucchini and summer squash (split)
--one pound green beans (for my folks)
--one bunch turnips (mostly for my folks)
--one bunch cilantro (mine)
--one stalk of fresh dill (mine)
--one bunch of arugula (which I "traded" for a bunch of chard I picked)
--one bunch of carrots (for my folks)
--a "bouquet" of edamame soybeans (mine! mine! mine!)
--two pounds tomatoes (Big Beef for my folks, Romas for me)
--one pint cherry tomatoes (mine)
--two pounds peppers (split; I got two bells, two cayennes, and one Hungarian wax)
--plus my half dozen eggs; or, rather, five eggs and a shiny quarter as I drew the "lucky" carton this week (her hens regularly produce one egg shy of what she needs to fill shares)

Once again, I missed the note at the bottom of the list saying "help yourself to cut fresh basil or parsley" -- but as I still have plenty of fresh basil in the garden, it's just as well.

I had been tempted to ask My Dear Papa to stop at a roadside market on the way home as I had seen a sign for Concord grapes (and I have yet to make juice this year), but with all of this food to deal with in the coming days, I decided I'd better not.

Because while the crops are winding down, there's still a LOT of good food to come!

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