Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Oh, Say, Can You CSA? 2009 Week 16

Wait a minute... weren't we just here? Wasn't it just a couple days ago when we headed out to our CSA pickup the last time?

It sure feels that way, but maybe that's because my fridge has been perpetually full since then, and I've been busy eating and preserving all that food -- and still have some left over.

Still, as we head into the last quarter of the season (sniff!), I'm not turning down more good produce:

--half a dozen ears of corn (mine)
--one spaghetti squash (mine)
--one pint sweet onions (split)
--one bulb garlic (mine)
--one quart Red Pontiac potatoes (split)
--two pounds zucchini (split)
--one large kohlrabi (mine)
--one basket okra (for My Dear Papa, who hasn't had much this year)
--one pound green beans (mine)
--one bunch cilantro (mine)
--one bunch carrots (split)
--one pint tomatillos (split)

--four pounds tomatoes, selected from the big beef or heirloom varieties -- we split this as usual, and this time I decided to try an orange variety and a green striped one as well as the usual big beefs
--one pint cherry tomatoes (mine)

--two pounds peppers -- also split, with a handful of bell peppers and the occasional poblano, Hungarian wax, or chile pepper thrown in, too
--and my usual half dozen eggs

Yes, once again, I got the lion's share of the produce. But at least this time I think I'll be able to share some of it at the Farm this coming weekend as well as with the Renaissance Man over the week. Perhaps I'll even prep some to toss into his freezer (if he's good).

Good times, friends... good times!

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