Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Oh, Say, Can You CSA? 2009 Week 15

This week I finally managed to persuade the Renaissance Man to join me again for the weekly outing to my CSA farm. He got to visit a job site along the way, and he had the promise of My Dear Papa's homemade chicken paprikash -- made with an organic chicken from the Fiddlin' Farmer -- for dinner.

How could he resist? Add in a beautiful sunny day and the prospect of some shared produce, and he was game for anything.

And that's what we got:

This week's share was so bountiful, it was almost overwhelming!:

--one cantaloupe (mine)
--one watermelon (for my folks)
--one sweet onion (mine)
--one garlic bulb (mine)
--one quart red potatoes (split)
--two pounds zucchini (split)
--two Japanese eggplant (mine)
--one pound green beans (mine)
--one bunch of beets (surprisingly, mine!)
--one bag lettuce (RM)
--one bunch cilantro (always mine)
--one bunch leeks (mine)
--four pounds big beef tomatoes (all mine)
--one pint cherry tomatoes (still mine)
--two pounds peppers (shared with RM)
PLUS my second honey share and the usual half-dozen eggs

On top of that, we picked up a bushel of canning tomatoes (prepaid) for My Wonderful Parents, a peck of same for me, and an added bottle of honey for the Renaissance Man. The Lady Bountiful truly lived up to her name today!

My Wonderful Parents have noted that between CSA and the farmers' market, they've had an overload of vegetables lately -- and, shockingly, they are tired of beets! -- which is why I ended up with the bulk of the share this week AND shared so much with my patient driver.

But boy! I'd better get busy using all this good food!

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