Saturday, September 05, 2009

Market Report: 9/5/09

On a long holiday weekend, I want nothing more than to sleep in as long as possible.

But when it's a farmers' market day, I still manage to get up at the crack of dawn in order to head down and visit my favorite people before the market really picks up!

I browsed one quadrant of the market first, talking to the Cheerful Lady and then to the Lady Bountiful as they were setting up their tables. Then, after a coffee at the Hungarian pastry shop -- and a chat with the Hungarian Baker -- I made the rounds for real.

I knew I had no reason to pick up very much at the market today, save for more canning tomatoes and some apples to sauce, but I still ended up with heavy bags:

--canning tomatoes, cucumbers, cipollini onions, and cookies from the Cheerful Lady and Handyman Joe
--cherry tomatoes and a zucchini from the Lady Bountiful
--two pints of honey from the Bee Man
--a bag of Fall Russet apples from the Orchardist
--two small butternut squash from the Newbies
--pasta and Italian bread from the Herb Lady

I headed home to unload and put things away while waiting for My Dear Papa to drop off a few things and to pick up a few more.

After that, though, I needed to head back downtown on a couple more errands, so I swung through the market again to drop off some cantaloupe candy to the Lady Bountiful. (I don't think she got more than one piece, though, as Middle Son took one bite and grabbed the rest with a gleeful grin!)

I also bumped into one of our Local Roots volunteers, visited another (since she hadn't set up her table by the time I wandered through earlier), and found yet another new vendor who had sweet potatoes. Naturally, I had to buy a pound of little ones to start this year's storage stash!

Now that I've had my wanderings for the day, it's time to get to work, saucing and canning those tomatoes and getting who knows what else done!

After all, it's the Labor Day weekend... and I've got a lot of labor ahead...

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At 9/08/2009 1:15 PM, Anonymous Laura said...

Canteloupe candy? Care to share that recipe, I have canteloupes I need to pick from my garden today, and I think we'll have a hard time eating them all at once!

At 9/08/2009 1:18 PM, Blogger The Baklava Queen said...

It's coming, Laura... stay tuned...!


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