Saturday, September 12, 2009

Market Report: 9/12/09

I didn't really think I'd be here today.

It's not that I ever deliberately plan to skip the farmers' market -- heavens, no! But sometimes other plans take precedence, and a weekend trip to the Farm is one of those.

The Renaissance Man and I had planned to head out last night, but then again, other plans intervened: he needed to help set up the booth for the Wayne County Sustainable Energy Network at the county fair, so we delayed our departure until this morning.

And, as it turned out, he had to take more things to the fairgrounds, and that gave us the extra time this morning to swing through the farmers' market.

We're still seeing a colorful variety of produce from some farmers, though the crowd is beginning to dwindle. Most of my favorites were there, though, so I had a pleasant social visit with several of them while I did a very light round of shopping.

You'll be shocked, I know, to learn that I spent less than $10 at the market this week. Granted, my refrigerator is still full of good CSA produce, so I didn't need much more, but I ended up getting:

--a bag of Fall Russet apples from the Orchardist (to make more applesauce)
--a watermelon and two small zucchini, all for the Farm, from the Lady Bountiful
--sweet potatoes from the Young Farmers
--Jerusalem artichokes from the Herb Lady

The RM also bought broccoli and cauliflower from the Amish Farmers to get a head start on the grocery list the Farm Mother had given him. Good thing we stopped!

I spotted a few things I'll look for again next week when I have more time for preserving (grapes for juice, Roma tomatoes for more sauce).

But for this week, a little is better than none.

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