Friday, September 18, 2009

Independence Days #19

Well, so much for building on the Labor Day weekend momentum. I spent very little time in the kitchen this week, what with a trip to the Farm and a handful of meetings.

Ah well. Here's the report:

1. Plant something: Nope. Nothing yet...

2. Harvest something: Sweet potatoes and beans for the Farm Parents; foraged crabapples, hickory nuts, burdock, raspberry leaf, red clover at the Farm; picked radishes, Black Cherry and big yellow tomatoes at the Renaissance Man's garden.

3. Preserve something: Dried raspberry leaves, red clover, basil, cherry tomatoes, zucchini chips; started burdock tincture; froze raspberries.

4. Reduce waste (Waste not): Salvaged raspberries from a friend's surplus; otherwise, I'm afraid I pulled a lot of things out of the fridge for the compost.

5. Preparation and storage (Want not): Bought more olive oil for herbal preparations.

6. Build local food systems: Helped set up the Local Roots table at the county fair; with the fabulous Jen, talked to a college class about the business and marketing of local food; met with another college student who wants to help Local Roots develop a marketing plan; gratefully accepted three quarts of too-ripe raspberries from a fellow steering committee member.

7. Eat the food: Corn on the cob; potato and chard pancake; pasta with fresh tomatoes; all of the zucchini chips; local noodles and pie at the county fair (hey, it was better than fried food); Bangkok noodles.

This weekend I have plans to get more done, so we'll see what really happens...

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