Saturday, August 08, 2009

Market Report: 8/8/09

Heading to the farmers' market on a Saturday morning -- and going at a leisurely pace to talk to all the farmers and friends I meet -- always makes me feel better.

And today, I knew I didn't need to buy much since I have plenty on hand already and won't have much time to cook or preserve this week, so I could really emphasize the social aspect of the market routine.

So I spent plenty of time visiting with my favorites: helping the Lady Bountiful arrange a basket of summer squash for sale, teasing the Fiddlin' Farmer about his okra, talking markets with the Cheerful Lady, and discussing grow lights and winter farming with the Cauliflower Queen and her husband. (I'm considering this about 40 minutes spent in helping or learning from local farmers, and thus part of my contribution to the Forty Seeds Project.)

Oh, and I bought some food, too:

--broccoli, kale, and okra from the Fiddlin' Farmer
--Broadleaf Czech garlic (for seed), red cabbage, and ground cherries from the Cheerful Lady
--half a pint of honey from the Bee Man
--a quart of maple syrup from the Maple Folks
--two small eggplant, some beautiful dinosaur kale, and a zucchini streusel bar from the Cauliflower Queen, who also handed me a seed head for shallots and encouraged me to try planting some next year

See? Not much food this week.

But oh! so much fun!

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