Saturday, August 29, 2009

Market Report 8/29/09

Though I had hoped to spend time at the Farm this weekend with the Renaissance Man, circumstances dictated that he leave early, before I was able to head off with him.

But no matter. That gave me time to have a leisurely stroll down to the farmers' market, to talk with the farmers, and to fill my bags with goodies.

--kale and broccoli from the Fiddlin' Farmer
--ground cherries, cucumbers, and cookies from Handyman Joe
--carrots and celery from the Spelt Baker
--cantaloupe and cherry tomatoes from the Lady Bountiful
--cherry oat cookies from The Culinary Artist
--boursin cheese and sun-dried tomato spread from the Experienced Market Farmer (a new producer at Local Roots)
--red peppers from the Newbies
--eggplants and a ground cherry streusel muffin from the Cauliflower Queen
--Mollie apples from the Orchardist
--edamame and another eggplant from the lady with the unusual vegetable varieties

I followed that with a visit to the Hungarian pastry shop for cappuccino, a couple of thin cookies, and a meeting with Jen, our wonderful graphic designer at Local Roots, to talk about marketing for the market and to brainstorm some ideas for upcoming events. We had a fruitful discussion -- as well as an inspiring personal conversation -- and gave me a boost of enthusiasm for moving ahead on projects.

My Wonderful Parents picked me up and delivered me to my doorstop so that I was able to return their pots with many thanks, and then they left me to get started on my food preservation projects for the weekend.

So... I'd better get started!

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