Friday, August 21, 2009

Independence Days #15

I can tell it's almost time to overwhelm myself in tomatoes. How? I'm already overwhelmed by nearly everything else!

But before I run off (to celebrate my birthday!), here's this week's update:

1. Plant something: Nothing. (Again.)

2. Harvest something: zucchini, carrots, green onions, golden chard, pac choi from the Southern Belle's garden; Black Cherry tomatoes from the Renaissance Man's garden.

3. Preserve something: Dried red cabbage, cucumber slices, Reliance grapes, ground cherries, grape tomatoes, kale; froze green beans, roasted red peppers; strained and bottled herbal oils (rosemary, thyme) and herbal tinctures (basil, lavender, rose hip); canned 3 1/2 pts corn-zucchini salsa (above); started elderberry cordial.

4. Reduce waste (Waste not): Not doing so good here -- all the produce is coming in fast, and I'm not using it as quickly as I ought. Thank heaven for compost!

5. Preparation and storage (Want not): Winnowed the first batch of buckwheat grains; harvested, dried, put away seeds (Blue Coco pole beans, zucchini).

6. Build local food systems: Shared corn, elderberries, and spinach seed with My Wonderful Parents; enjoyed grape tomatoes from My Fabulous Aunt's garden; talked to other folks about Local Roots; wrote up another Local Roots piece for the local paper; contacted two professors about student participation in Local Roots.

7. Eat the food: Salad; Szechuan green beans; roasted brussels sprouts; fresh tomatoes, dressed with balsamic vinegar; roasted potatoes.

Not bad, for feeling like I didn't have much time this week. There's more produce waiting for me, of course, but I've done what I can so far.

Next week, the school year begins again, so I'm not quite sure how my schedule will shake down, but I'll keep picking away at my list.


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