Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Pickle-Down Economics

While there's still a lot of bad news going around, thanks to our poor economic times, I have to confess my delight in seeing people do more to increase their self-reliance.

Seems like everywhere I go these days, I'm spotting more kitchen gardens in back and even front yards around town. And I strongly suspect that more people are learning how to preserve some of that bounty for winter.

As you might expect, I'm doing my part.

If it's July, it must be time for small cucumbers to load their vines -- and for fresh dill and garlic to beg to join them. Yes, it's time to break out the recipe for the family's hot dill pickles!

I picked up four pints of pickling cucumbers at the market on Saturday, but I was unable to find fresh dill. However, a conversation with the Cauliflower Queen -- a new but enthusiastic grower at market -- left me with her excited promise to deliver fresh dill to my doorstep on my pickle-making day, whenever I said the word.

So we made arrangements for her to stop by today, and shortly before she was expected, I started making the brine and sterilizing the jars, as well as prepping everything else to go in the jars.

She arrived at last, bringing a small jar full of fresh dill, along with a crate of quart jars she said she didn't need any more.

And the cost for this home delivery? Boy, she drives a hard bargain. She would take nothing less than a hug. (Good thing I had one handy!)

I ended up with seven pints of dill pickles -- and another new farming friend. (I think I might have to dig out a little jar of something to take to her one of these days!)

That's just the kind of economy I want to build!

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