Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oh, Say, Can You CSA? 2009 Week 8

Last weekend, while I headed off to the Farm Gathering, My Wonderful Parents hopped into their vehicle and drove north to the Lady Bountiful's farm.

The Lady had scheduled one of her work days for CSA members, and the folks spent a few afternoon hours pulling and cleaning almost all of the rest of the garlic on the farm.

By the time we headed up for our CSA pickup this afternoon, all of the garlic was bunched and hanging in one of the small greenhouses behind the barn. That's a lot of garlic! And I bet I'm going to be collecting a good bit of that over the rest of the season!

For this week, though, we had a more varied selection of produce:

--one Dynamo cabbage (for my folks)
--one Candy onion and one Mars onion (split)
--one elephant garlic and one regular garlic (mine)
--1 1/2 pounds zucchini (green and gold; split)
--one pint green tomatoes (mostly for my folks, though I took one)
--one pint summer squash (split)
--half a pint sugar snap peas (last of the season; mine)
--two Early Girl tomatoes (for my folks)
--one Windsor broccoli (mine)
--one bag mixed lettuce (mine)
--one bag mixed carrots (mine)
--my half-dozen egg share

The Lady frets perpetually that she's not giving us a good enough variety of produce or that we're getting enough, especially this year with the cool weather we've had. But really, I see no cause for complaint!

And I know next week there will be even more to enjoy!

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