Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Oh, Say, Can You CSA? 2009 Week 7

I had hoped that, since I'm enjoying a leisurely vacation this week with very few time commitments, I would be able to head up to the CSA farm early, wander around a bit with the Renaissance Man, and help the Lady Bountiful for a bit before picking up my produce and heading home.

So much for plans! The Renaissance Man ended up having a meeting scheduled and was unable to break away from work early; I headed up with My Wonderful Parents, who had a schedule of their own; and I ended up being too tired and lazy to be of much help.

But I still spent a few minutes wandering around the farm when we first arrived, refreshing myself with peeks at all the good food yet to come.

The Lady Bountiful has kept a good rotation of crops going in the raised beds, replacing early lettuce with carrots and adding in beets and other good things.

The tomato plants in the high tunnel have grown considerably -- some (on the left) are even over my head! And with the number of bees buzzing around the tunnel, I'm sure we'll have an excellent crop of tomatoes to enjoy this year.

I took a peek at the apple trees that so delighted me last year, and it looks like there will be more crisp beauties to enjoy this year -- fingers crossed!

Ultimately, though, I got back to the barn to find this week's produce selection:

--one green and one yellow zucchini (split)
--one pint green tomatoes (for my folks)
--one pint summer squash (split)
--one bag mixed lettuce (mine)
--one Walla Walla onion and one Mars onion (split)
--one pint sugar snap peas (for my folks)
--one bulb fresh garlic (mine)
--one bunch Swiss chard (mine)
--one head Early Dawn cauliflower (mine)
--one bunch Detroit Red beets (for my folks)

I also picked up my usual half-dozen eggs and the first installment of my honey share -- a nice-sized bottle!

I still hope to get out and help a little more at some point.

But for now, I think I'll just enjoy vacation!

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