Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oh, Say, Can You CSA? 2009 Week 10

I finally managed to persuade the Renaissance Man to join me again for the weekly CSA pickup, giving My Wonderful Parents the chance to rest at home on a dreary, rainy afternoon.

Truth be told, the RM and I were actually pretty tired ourselves by the time we headed up, but as we've both had busy schedules thus far this week and haven't seen much of each other, just having the time to sit and talk and watch the scenery made the trip more pleasant.

Of course, at our destination, the sunny colors of this week's produce gave us even more reason to enjoy being out on a grey day:

The Lady Bountiful had many of the same items as last week, but little by little we're seeing more:

--one Late Flat Dutch cabbage (for my folks)
--one Mars onion (for RM)
--one Superstar onion (for me)
--one quart Kennebec potatoes (split three ways)
--two pounds green and yellow zucchini (ditto)
--one pound cucumbers (two for me, one for my folks)
--two green peppers (for my folks)
--one pint medium hot peppers (split three ways)
--two Early Girl tomatoes (mine)
--one pint sugar snap peas (for my folks)
--one bag lettuce (mine)
--one bulb garlic (for RM)
--one bunch carrots (split with my folks)

I decided to share some of my share of the produce with the RM not just because he drove but also because he's headed to the Farm for an extended visit this weekend and can share the food there. (Besides, I have plenty in the refrigerator as it is!)

Once we dropped off my folks' produce, we headed home for a quick stir-fry using summer squash, carrots, garlic, and then green onions and chard from my garden for a relatively quick and nourishing dinner before our Local Roots meeting.

That's a pretty good deal, don't you think?

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