Saturday, July 04, 2009

Market Report: 7/4/09

Let there be no confusion: even if it's a national holiday, the farmers' market will carry on!

Unfortunately, the day started off slow for the market vendors. We had a cool but sunny morning, perfect (in my mind) for wandering around the square in search of good food, but I saw very few early-morning shoppers. (Hope it picked up later!)

On the up side, though, fewer customers for the vendors means I get more time to chat, and some days I don't mind being selfish.

As this weekend begins my vacation, I took my time strolling through to see all the good food on offer, and Handyman Joe noticed my relaxed air right away. "You look... content," said he, and I had to admit this was so. Good food, good weather, all the time in the world... who wouldn't be content?

And so I wandered -- and bought:

--a large zucchini, two small red onions, and two cookies from Handyman Joe
--a quart of green beans from a quiet young woman
--a quart of sweet cherries and two pints of red raspberries from the local orchard
--kohlrabi greens (actually a gift) from the Lady Bountiful
--a ground cherry pie from the Herb Lady
--four pints of pickling cucumbers from the Young Farmers
--an oatmeal hickory nut pie from the Cauliflower Queen, who, after a long and delightful discussion, also insisted that I take a large fennel bulb for free
--a small clump of blue oyster mushrooms from the Mushroom Farm

Really, with a refrigerator full of CSA and garden produce, I didn't need a whole lot, but I did want to get some items for preserving.

And since I have several items to put up for winter, I'd better get started...

...vacation or no vacation!

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