Saturday, July 25, 2009

Market Report: 7/25/09

I had a grocery list for the farmers' market today. I did. Honest.

I still had some CSA produce left in the refrigerator, I had plenty of zucchini from the garden, I had recipes in mind for cooking this next week, and I had a scant amount of food preservation planned.

So much for plans. When I see all that fantastic, gorgeous, tasty produce -- when I end up visiting with several of my favorite farmers -- all self-control goes out the window.

Just look:

See? A severe case of Low Sales Resistance, as my dear Opera-Loving Friend tells me. I couldn't help buying so much good food:

--carrots, broccoli, eggplant, and okra from the Fiddlin' Farmer (who brought his first okra of the season just for me)
--green onions, Inchillium Red garlic (for seed stock), kohlrabi, cucumbers, parsley, rosemary, and cookies from the Cheerful Lady
--rose hips from the Sheep Farmer
--spelt flour, a vegetable focaccia, and an orange plum tomato from the Spelt Baker
--green tomatoes from the Lady Bountiful
--half a dozen ears of bicolor corn and a bag of hulless popcorn from the Corn Queen
--kale from the Young Farmers
--grape tomatoes from a new farming couple
--thyme from the Herb Guy
--gingersnaps and cupcakes from the Gluten-Free Baker

Oh, heavenly day. That's some seriously good fresh food.

How could I resist?

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