Friday, July 10, 2009

Independence Days #9

What a lovely vacation week this has been! I've gotten a fair amount done at home, but with plenty of time to rest and relax.

I still feel terribly lazy in some ways, but even with slowing down and plenty of chances to do nothing, I had something to show for it all:

1. Plant something: At the Southern Belle's, planted more green beans, shelling peas, Winter Marvel lettuce, Tuscan kale, gai lan (Chinese broccoli), and Chioggia beets; at the Renaissance Man's, planted basil and thyme (herb pots from the Lady Bountiful).

2. Harvest something: At the Southern Belle's, the first row of garlic, scallions, the first zucchini, pac choi, carrots, oregano blossoms, chard, golden beets, and nettles; at the Renaissance Man's, more green beans, the last fava beans, stunning purple Blue Coco pole beans, lemon balm, and peppermint; foraged black raspberries and red clover in the park.

3. Preserve something: Laid garlic out to dry; strained, sweetened, and bottled the strawberry and mulberry shrubs; dried pac choi, shredded zucchini, parsley, nettle, oregano flowers, spinach, shredded carrots, blueberry leather, lemon balm, cauliflower, onion; froze blueberries; canned sweet cherries, blueberries; started oregano infused oil, lemon balm tincture, red clover tincture; made second batch of kohlrabi kim chi; made several small jars of raspberry jam; put up seven pints of dill pickles; started lemon balm beer.

4. Reduce waste: Used wilted kohlrabi greens in kim chi; reused canner water for washing and rinsing dishes; decided to start harvesting produce when I'm ready for it so it doesn't sit around the fridge for a week.

5. Preparation and storage: Bleached remaining garden pots; got a crate of quart jars from the Cauliflower Queen; made two batches of pasta and turned most of it into ravioli, which I then froze for later.

6. Build local food systems: Connected with the Cauliflower Queen about getting fresh dill delivered on pickle-making day, as well as about buying some of her hickory nuts this fall; gratefully received a handful of little round carrots from a kind neighbor.

7. Eat the food: Scrambled eggs with kale and beet greens for breakfast (inspired by Ed, the Slow Cook); kohlrabi rolls (like cabbage rolls); broccoli-walnut pasta; potato salad; radish borani with fresh vegetables; pesto pasta with sauteed green and yellow zucchini.

I'm actually feeling fairly laid-back about my food preservation this year, not feeling like I have to buy so much to put up for winter. (Maybe that's because I still have dried vegetables, canned tomatoes and pickles and fruits, and a few frozen items left from last year.)

But who knows what the next week will bring?

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At 7/14/2009 7:17 AM, Blogger Jennifer Hugon said...

All the preserving sounds SO good. I'm doing some research but may seek a some tips on infusing oils this week ;)

Oh! And I finally cracked open the tomatillo salsa! Mmmmm yummmy!

At 7/14/2009 7:20 AM, Blogger The Baklava Queen said...

Thanks, Jen! I do need to strain the oregano oil tonight, so thanks for the reminder. Glad you enjoyed the salsa -- I bet I'll be making more this year, if you want to get in on that!


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