Sunday, July 12, 2009

I Beg Your Garden

To round off my week's vacation, the Renaissance Man took me to the Farm for the tail end of the annual Farm Gathering.

While last year's excitement involved the acquisition of new skills (i.e., filleting fish), this year remained a little low-key, though with plenty of vibrant personalities to spice up the weekend's activities. As usual, I helped with the cooking and the cleaning up, but many hands made very light work, and I still found time for a swim in the lake, a foraging hike (for lambs' quarters), and other moments of idle and not-so-idle leisure.

Given my delight at all the neighborhood gardens this year, you can have no doubt as to my attraction to the new vegetable bed in front of the Farm house. Planted by the Renaissance Man's sister-in-law, it contains several sprawling tomato plants, bean vines, lettuce, Swiss chard, spinach, onions, and radishes.

It also includes a small patch of sweet potatoes, something I've never tried growing before, so I'll be watching this corner of the garden closely.

When I looked over the garden Friday evening, I noticed that it had gotten weedy in some spots, so I gladly jumped into the plot yesterday morning to clean it up, and I followed that today with a generous watering.

The Farm Mother noted my interest in the patch and said to me a couple of times, "I've never had a garden in my front yard before... but I like it!" She is not physically up to the task of caring for the garden, but she has certainly been enjoying the bounty thus far.

The spinach has started to bolt, so I offered to RM's sister-in-law some of my extra seed, to be planted if I can make it back to the Farm in a couple of weeks. She was enchanted with the idea of garden-fresh carrots for Thanksgiving (when next she and her husband return), so I hope I'll be able to follow through with my idea soon.

If not, well, we'll manage somehow, and I will send her my apologies.

But how can I ever resist a garden?

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