Saturday, June 27, 2009

Market Report: 6/27/09

I haven't done much with my abundance of fresh produce over the past few days, so I knew I shouldn't let myself get too carried away in buying produce at this morning's farmers' market.

But it's so easy to be tempted:

--two quarts of shelling peas, a long cucumber, and cookies from the Cheerful Lady
--broccoli and purple kohlrabi from the Fiddlin' Farmer, and a bunch of colorful zinnias from his son
--tiny new potatoes from the Amish Farmer
--whole wheat bread and pasta from the Herb Lady
--carrots from the Spelt Baker
--a jar of honey from the Bee Man
--basil and thyme pots from the Lady Bountiful
--a dozen gingersnaps from the Gluten-Free Baker

Yes, compared to my usual farmers' market shopping spree, that was restraint on my part!

I lingered downtown to enjoy an outdoor Local Roots marketing meeting over iced coffee, and then I ran a few errands before heading home and tackling the first preservation projects of the day: blanching and drying one bundle of carrots and all of the shelling peas.

Maybe I'll actually be able to take it easy this weekend?


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