Saturday, June 20, 2009

Market Report: 6/20/09

We had storms roll through yesterday, and just enough drizzle lingered this morning to keep the early crowd down at the farmers' market. I didn't even see as many vendors there as usual.

Still, what people were there and what produce was to be had were, as they say, choice.

Despite heading down the market with a list of what not to get as well as what I might want, I ended up buying more produce than expected because it looked so good!:

--Chioggia beets from the Spelt Baker, who also gave me a little bundle of flowering summer savory
--kohlrabi from the same old friend who had it last week
--cauliflower and fennel from the new organic farmer (shall I call her the Cauliflower Queen?)
--strawberries (for the Renaissance Man, who was hard at work early this morning) and comfrey from an herb grower
--broccoli from a very nice young man
--a quart of sweet cherries from the local orchard
--onions (and rhubarb starts for the Farm) from the Cheerful Lady
--more broccoli and snap peas from the Fiddlin' Farmer

I also decided to splurge on baked goods this week since I know I won't get any baking done any time soon (and I'll want to have something good for breaks at work):

--gluten-free gingersnaps and iced orange cookies from a former neighbor
--peanut butter cookies and a mini rhubarb coffeecake from the Cheerful Lady
--walnut torte and Swedish almond torte from the new German Baker

I'll get some food preservation done today, but I think there are a few things from this week's market that I'll want to enjoy fresh for dinners this coming week. (The Cauliflower Queen specifically mentioned roasting the fennel, so I may have to try that along with some asparagus, and I fancy roasting those beets, too.)

And after a little break for iced tea and that little rhubarb coffeecake, I'll get started.

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