Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sprout and About

I've been spending more time at the Renaissance Man's place this week, helping him settle back into his routine and relaxing with movies in the evenings.

But when I'm there, I naturally find myself wandering out to putter in the garden. It's looking a little weedy, but happily, most of the crops have taken hold nicely.

The fava beans have shot up considerably of late, and I really ought to get some stakes set behind them for when they get a little taller and heavy with pods. The potatoes, too, are requiring a good deal of attention: seems like every other day I need to scoop more soil around the base of the leaves as they keep shooting skyward. (Hope that means a bumper crop this summer!)

I did finally think that since the weather was warming up at last, I could take my cherry tomato seedlings (Black Cherry and Peacevine) and get them set in. These Black Cherry seedlings are nested into an old cistern behind the house, long filled in with dirt. (I also used milk and cider jugs with the bottoms cut out to cover and protect the seedlings until they get a little bigger.)

On top of that, I thinned the radishes and yanked a few more wandering mint runners from the bed.

A slow week, I suppose, but I thought you might like to see the progress so far. It's coming along!

And still I look for room to plant more...

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