Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Preserving the Seasons: May, Week 1

May is finally here, and that means good food is returning! The farmers' market opens in a month (June 6), my CSA subscription kicks in at the end of May, and the beginnings of a bountiful harvest are sprouting up in both my gardens.

I am so hungry for good, fresh, green vegetables that I can barely stand it!

Though I may have to wait for the first true harvest from the garden (the radishes need thinning before they can be very productive), early crops are coming in at local farms, and I've already got an offer from the Fiddlin' Farmer to stop out and pick up some of his fresh, tender asparagus. How exciting!

We may not be close to peak harvest, but May brings the first cultivated crops to our tables:

lettuce, spinach, and other greens
perennial herbs
(not to mention more wild edibles for foraging)

It may seem a meager list, but it's a heavenly selection of the best flavors of spring, and I'm not going to complain about that!

As the harvest season begins again, we'll take this final month in the Preserving the Seasons series to wrap up last year's harvest season and to prepare for the busy months ahead. Now that you've learned about multiple methods of food preservation, you should have some idea as to what you can do to put up basic foods for the coming winter -- and what new methods and recipes you might try.

So get ready -- that fresh local bounty will be here before you know it!

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At 5/08/2009 8:09 AM, Blogger Kelly said...

I'll be posting some garden photos over the weekend... and more importantly (and excitedly) eating spinach and arugula salad with fresh herbs and radishes for dinner tonight. I'm beyond the moon in a swoon just thinking about how good and green it's going to taste. Especially after last night's dinner for my MILs birthday at (gag) Bob Evans.

At 5/08/2009 8:11 AM, Blogger The Baklava Queen said...

Ohhhh, heaven! That will be a superbly refreshing dinner. Lucky you! (But my turn will come...)


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