Sunday, May 24, 2009

Greens With Envy

Thanks to the holiday weekend, I've been able to get a lot more done than usual. And thanks to My Wonderful Parents loaning me their vehicle, I've been able to run a few errands and make a couple of visits.

Today's visit took me to see the Southern Belle, the Absent-Minded Professor, and My Adorable Nephews -- not to mention our shared garden.

The warm temperatures of late have made a visible impact on the garden. Wow! We had a bit of weeding to do, and I assigned the AMP to adding more soil around the potatoes, mounding them up better. The Nephews helped pick some greens, but they were most thrilled with their usual assignment of scattering crushed egg shells around the garden plantings.

Having taken care of the maintenance work, I proceeded to start at the bottom of the lower garden and harvest my way through the crops (leaving plenty for my gracious hosts, of course). The lettuce and radishes are right at their peak, begging to be picked, and the herbs have taken off nicely as well.

I shared a good bundle of lettuce and a bag of radishes with My Wonderful Parents, but as you can see, I still had plenty of food for myself (and not all of it is shown here): lettuce, spinach, amaranth, pac choi, sage, cilantro, dill, radishes, scallions, and fresh garlic.

It was all so tempting that I enjoyed a big salad for dinner (topped with a little crumbled goat cheese). On such a hot day, it's possibly the most refreshing meal of all.

And this is only the beginning, so don't be jealous yet!

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