Sunday, April 26, 2009

Getting a Fair Bake

Knowing that I'd be heading to the Farm today for a visit -- and not being utterly overwhelmed by life during all the weekdays leading up to the trip -- I decided to get in the kitchen and make something good to share with the Renaissance Man and his family.

I started yesterday morning by making some fresh scones for breakfast, using several local ingredients: spelt flour, butter, dried strawberries, candied orange peel, and milk. I enjoyed the treat of two fresh, warm scones with a cold glass of local cider to start my day, and I knew that the Farm family would appreciate the treat today.

Later in the afternoon, I made dessert -- always appreciated, especially by the sweet-tooth-indulging Farm Mother. I took the pear cake recipe that another friend loves so well and replaced the fresh pear slices with the remains of a jar of canned peaches. I also swapped the chopped pistachios for chopped local hicans, since that seemed like a better mix with the peaches. Other local ingredients included spelt flour, maple sugar, eggs, and the syrup remaining from the jar of peaches.

As soon as the cake emerged from the oven, I slid in a dish of springtime risotto. The Arborio rice, asparagus, and artichoke hearts were not, unfortunately, local, but I did add a few dried red peppers and dried cherry tomatoes from my pantry to give it a little more zip.

Today, then, I arrived at the Farm late morning to find the Renaissance Man lounging on the front porch glider, and once I had unloaded everything I had taken, I shared with him (and his brother, back from some hard work down at the lake) a tender, fruit-filled scone that met his approval.

After a very full partial day's worth of work around the house, helping out where possible, I pulled together a light dinner, reheating the risotto and throwing together a fresh salad. Everyone appreciated all the vegetables, but they loved dessert and tucked into the peach cake with great enthusiasm.

I left the cake with them and returned home at a reasonable hour, tired but pleased to have been able to offer them something wholesome and delicious for the day. And as for me? I just love being at the Farm and am always happy when I can contribute something to life there.

Seems like a pretty fair trade to me.

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