Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weed Like Spring to Come Soon, Thanks!

Time flows so much differently at the Farm than in town, but one thing's for certain: while Winter isn't quite ready to leave yet, Spring is gradually creeping in!

When we arrived at the Farm before lunch time yesterday, we had just a few minutes to pause before we headed back out on errands (chiefly, getting groceries for the Farm Folks). In the course of our wanderings, we stopped by the local farm supply store (one of the Renaissance Man's favorite places) where I picked up my very own rubber boots. (I've been borrowing from the Farm stash on a regular basis, but I needed a pair my size.)

After we returned, we headed out for a walkabout, checking on a blown-out window pane in the barn, downed branches from the recent wind storm, and the newly cleared paths through the woods. Despite the flurries in the air, the ground remained warmed enough for us to sink into mud and melt as we wandered around, and I gave the boots a good baptism.

Once in, I cooked a simple but warming supper for us all: ham and scalloped potatoes (with a separate dish just of potatoes for me), and steamed broccoli and carrots on the side. I didn't have an urge to bake anything for dessert, so we munched on leftover oatmeal cookies.

This morning, though, the spotted ripe bananas on the counter inspired me to pull out an old Fannie Farmer cookbook and to bake a tender, flavorful banana cake to share with them. (The Renaissance Man and I made sure we tested the quality of the recipe before letting the Folks have any, of course, and it went down well with chai.)

In the course of this morning's work -- heading to the barn for a ladder for some windmill work -- I spotted a large swath of chickweed that appeared to be greening up nicely. So as the RM did some of his work in the barn, I indulged in my first foraging outing of the year, gathering a nice clump of chickweed for fresh green salads this week. Now there is a good sign of spring!

The weather is still cold, and the snow is due to return, but as we left the Farm to return home, I knew that the next time I visited, I was likely to find Spring well on the way.

And that is fine by me!

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At 2/16/2009 2:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doooooood! You have chickweed already? You are one lucky chick!

At 2/16/2009 3:30 PM, Blogger The Baklava Queen said...

I've seen the patches there throughout the winter, but surprisingly, even after frost Saturday PM/Sunday AM, there were still some new green shoots -- very succulent and fluid-filled, but tasty!


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