Friday, January 23, 2009

Tiffin Point

The wintry weather lately has really nudged me into packing good lunches for my workday, and just this week, the desire for a hot lunch tipped the balance in favor of pulling out my tiffin again.

With leftovers in each layer, and a morning spent sitting on top of the register next to my desk, my tiffin easily turns a homemade lunch into a warm and cozy gourmet experience.

But today's lunch really topped everything I'd packed so far this week:

--homemade pesto (made with homegrown basil and CSA garlic) on homemade pasta (with local spelt flour and a local egg)
--homemade eggplant parmesan (CSA eggplant breaded, baked and stored in the freezer; topped with home-canned tomato sauce enhanced with dried homegrown herbs)
--homemade wheat artisan bread (with local wheat flour) topped with a bit of local honey

Totally homemade, mostly local, and all from what I put away for winter. Amazing!

Hey, even I can get bored with eating from the pantry all winter long. But once in a while I remember things like this, and then I get a nice little respite from solid winter food and can enjoy a breath of summer. (Or at least spring -- temps today are hitting the 40s!)

What a treat!

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