Sunday, January 25, 2009

Potluck o' the Irish: January

On the fourth Sunday of the month, if the Renaissance Man and I are around, chances are good that we'll end up at the local Friends meeting and join the others for the monthly potluck.

Though I've often approached potluck with either wariness or an urge to show off, these potlucks simply inspire delight and anticipation. Everyone there is a good and creative cook, and the vast majority of the dishes are vegetarian, were made from scratch, and contain local produce (often from home gardens).

Add to that the gracious and fun-loving company of a variety of kind and thoughtful people, and you can see why we enjoy these community meals so much.

This morning, I pulled out the artisan bread dough that I've been enjoying of late and made two flatbread rounds. I thawed one cube of pesto and spread it across both rounds, and then I sliced some roasted red pepper (also from the freezer) and arranged them on top before baking. (Sorry, I don't have a "finished" photo but you can just imagine the bread a little browner.)

The bread turned out to be a good choice as others brought hearty salads made with quinoa, soba noodles, or other pasta; a luscious macaroni and cheese; two kinds of cornbread; and both cookies and peach cobbler.

In this kind of crowd, I'm not likely to have the most heralded dish, though my food generally gets favorable comments. Now that's good company to be in!

But there's always room to experiment -- so who knows what I'll have next month?

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