Saturday, January 17, 2009

Nutcracker? Sweet!

The trip that My Wonderful Parents and I took to the nut farm this past fall resulted not just in lots of good nuts for the winter.

We also ended up with lots of nuts with extremely hard shells that couldn't be cracked easily by hand.

That's why My Wonderful Parents decided to head down to Lehman's one week and buy a sturdy nutcracker. It looks fairly simple, but the handle is long and will leverage a good bit of weight, making nut-cracking so much easier.

For several weeks they kept the nutcracker, shelling nuts for me by request. But My Dear Papa's back got tired of the work, and he passed it over to me for the time being.

I had hoped to get lots of nuts cracked over the holiday break, but as other projects kept me busy, it had to wait until this weekend.

This evening I finally sat down and cracked the remains of the hicans in my stash. Then I sat back and listened to "Prairie Home Companion" while I picked the meats from the shells and dropped them in a bowl.

It's tedious work, but it helps one pass the time on a quiet winter evening. I may tackle the heartnuts tomorrow... or not.

But it sure helps to have a sturdy nutcracker to get the job done!

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