Saturday, December 27, 2008

While Shepherds Watched Their Pie By Night

Over my winter vacation, I tend to want to cook. A lot.

I haven't done much big cooking yet, making lots of comfort food to carry me through days of at-home projects. Yes, I've baked; yes, I've made simple suppers; yes, I made Christmas dinner.

But it's time for the old winter favorites, the ones I like to make when I have plenty of time.

One old favorite, a vegetarian version of shepherd's pie, seemed like a good supper to share with the Renaissance Man. I started by cooking some lentils, then setting them aside with some of my dried carrots and some herbs.

Since I haven't yet made any vegetable stock over the holidays (another traditional "project"), I pulled out my vegetable broth mix and whisked some of the powder into warm water. (The flavor is good, despite the lack of salt. But that can be added in the dish.)

After sauteing shallots and garlic, I added a jar of canned tomatoes, the lentils and carrots, the vegetable broth, and the remaining ingredients to make the filling of the "pie." In another pan, I boiled, drained, and mashed potatoes for the topping.

The potatoes didn't spread well across the still-juicy lentil mixture, but dollops of potato seemed to work as well, and a few thin strips of muenster cheese added the finishing touch.

While the pie didn't turn out picture-perfect, it tasted even better than I remembered! I will definitely need to make this again sometime as I have plenty of all the ingredients on hand and expect to do so for the rest of winter.

Now that I've got one "big" cooking project out of the way for the break, I'm ready to tackle another.

Perhaps a pot pie? (Do you sense a theme?)

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