Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Crèpe Shoot

I thought I'd start my week off right by pulling some vegetables (green beans and corn) from the freezer, getting my refrigerator ready to supply me for last-minute inspired meals. Because, you know, if you thaw them, the ideas will come.

Really. They do. And once the Renaissance Man suggested a movie night for this evening, I thought about those vegetables and decided that with the remaining half of an onion also located in the fridge, some spices, and cheddar cheese, I could end up with a good filling for cornmeal crèpes.

I started my kitchen work with the vegetable filling, sautéing the onion with cumin, chili powder, salt, and a dash of pepper before tossing in the thawed vegetables.

Then I whisked together the batter for the cornmeal crèpes and started cooking them in my trusty cast-iron skillet. Unfortunately, the cornmeal had a tendency to settle to the bottom of the batter, and when I ladled the batter in the pan, it spread unevenly and made the crèpes difficult to flip.

But never fear, I managed to get through the bowl of batter without too many horrifically misshapen
crèpes, and we eventually had more than enough for dinner.

While the Renaissance Man looked on (through the lens of a camera), I spread the filling in lines across the crèpes, sprinkling a little cheddar cheese on top.

Then I rolled them up...

...and topped them with a simmered combination of salsa and plain tomato sauce (both from the pantry), adding another sprinkle of cheddar cheese to finish.

Though the whole cooking process took a little longer than I had expected, the meal turned out to be a good way to use what I had pulled out for the week as well as a comforting dish for a night of freezing drizzle. The Renaissance Man gave his approval to the dinner, and I collected the leftovers in two small containers for lunches this week, extending the cooking just a little further.

It's often a gamble to base dinners around random items pulled from the freezer and the pantry.

But sometimes, you get lucky!

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