Friday, December 05, 2008

Are You Ready to Baklava?

Yes, it's that time of year again: time to make the baklava!

I decided this year not to make any cookies to send or give to friends because it seems like there are always too many tempting treats to go around at the holidays, and though everyone likes my cookies, they love my baklava. So why not stick with what works?

I also admit to some selfishness. Since this fall has been such a whirlwind of social and intellectual activity for me, I just didn't want to be tied down baking lots of things. And in the current climate, it all seemed to be a little much.

Instead, I'll put my energy into making plenty of baklava to share with friends both old and new. And I started that today by taking the day off work and whipping out two pans full of baklava by mid-morning.

These first two pans will be shared far and wide, supplying far-flung friends, fellow contra dancers, student workers, and dinner hosts. I'll follow up with another pan next week and, if needed, a final pan the week after that.

With local butter and honey drenching each layer of the pastry, I'm sure this will turn out to be as good a batch of baklava as I've ever made, and with any luck, one of my upcoming batches will even feature some local nuts.

So while I offer a half-hearted apology for not having other holiday baking to share, I look at these photos (and smell the sweet fragrance of the real thing) and think, this is enough. This will be all the more precious and all the more appreciated for all that I am not baking and giving away.

I'll bake holiday breads later in the month, and I may well find occasions to bake and give to friends later in the winter, when the appeal of holiday sweets has passed. But for now, this is enough.

And how sweet that is.

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At 12/08/2008 3:16 PM, Anonymous Janet said...

I can smell it from here. Ahhh...

At 12/08/2008 3:17 PM, Blogger The Baklava Queen said...

Oh, good, Janet. Saves me sending some. Do you think that would work with everyone else? I could be totally off the hook! ;-)

At 12/14/2008 8:43 AM, Blogger Kelly said...

Oh Mah Gaaah. That looks so incredibly delicious. I think you are very wise to keep it simple. I'm attempting to do the same, though I have a few more items on my baking list... just have cut down my purchase gifts list by about 75%...

happy holidays!

At 12/14/2008 2:31 PM, Blogger The Baklava Queen said...

It is definitely saving my sanity this year, Kelly. More baklava on the way, though...


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