Thursday, November 06, 2008

Stirred, Not Shaken

It's been a busy week, what with the election and all, but I managed to get over to the garden to start cleaning up.

The carrots are growing nice and big, and I've left them for the Southern Belle to harvest when she wants them, but other than that we cleared most of the garden, taking out the wilted drape of nasturtiums, the withered tomato vines, and a bunch of other not-so-greenery.

Surprisingly, I ended up with a good little harvest. The gai lan came back with yet more growth, even after I had harvested the seeds, and I also pulled some scallions and plucked more kale leaves. On top of that, I had a little more chickweed and stinging nettle to harvest, too.

And as our lovely spell of Indian summer is coming to an end tonight or tomorrow, I celebrated the beauty and hope of this week by tossing together a quick stir-fry of the gai lan and scallions along with garlic, carrots, and red pepper from my CSA shares and combining it all with some whole wheat pasta. It made for a simple but satisfying front-porch picnic.

How wonderful it is to extend the growing season this long!

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