Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cellar Beware!

Having explored the topic of root cellaring earlier this week and expressed my desire to have a proper cellar some day, I couldn't resist sharing with you a potential model:

The Old House on the Farm has been partly deconstructed this year (before Mother Nature did the job for them), and only recently have the Renaissance Man and his brother removed the walls and flooring of the kitchen portion of the structure. Since they had cleared out the basement under the old kitchen, I was able to walk in and see the old root cellar tucked into the old stone foundation.

Granted, it's not in usable shape, and it's certainly not weather-proof or critter-proof. But there you have it: a cellar kept naturally cool with stone walls and dirt floors, with shelves and bins (to the left) for storing jars of home-canned produce as well as keeping vegetables and fruits through the winter.

Next year, the rest of the Old House will likely come down, and at some point a new structure will go up in its stead.

But you can be sure that a new root cellar will go into the plans.



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