Wednesday, October 29, 2008

When Will I CSA You Again?

I've loved our CSA share this year so much that I'm not able to give it up just yet!

Bless the Lady Bountiful, she had another good crop of vegetables to choose from this week and sent an email to a few of us in the CSA this morning, telling us what she had available. Not being one to pass up good food, I replied to her message and indicated that My Wonderful Parents and I would be back out for one last additional CSA pickup.

What a treat!

I wasn't able to get a good overview of the basket this week, but it was about as full as it's been all season:

--one pint of sweet onions (split)
--two eggplant (one for me, one for my folks)
--six sweet peppers (all for my folks)
--one bunch of cilantro, with the roots still attached (for me: I hope to pot it!)
--three pounds sweet potatoes (for my folks; I bought a separate 10 pounds)
--four bulbs garlic (split)
--three pounds Kennebec potatoes (for me; my folks bought a separate 7 pounds)
--one quart red tomatoes (split)
--one bunch pac choi (all mine!)
--one bunch carrots (split)
--one bunch leeks (for my folks)
--one butternut squash (for me)

The week's sheet included the usual cooking and storage tips, but the recipe for oven roasted Parmesan potatoes sounds especially delicious -- might have to try that!

After our usual visit, we loaded up the vehicle, and while My Wonderful Parents stayed warm (did I mention it snowed again today? lightly, but still...!), I took a walk out back with the Lady to inspect the progress made so far on the new pole barn.

The barn measures 60 feet long and probably 20 to 25 feet wide, with a 20-foot long pavilion on the far end. It will have room for them to store their equipment, to load their trucks with produce for market (and to park the trucks overnight), to keep their CSA produce fresh in a walk-in cooler, and -- under the pavilion -- to set up for CSA pickup days.

Given that the pavilion tucks nicely under a big tree and offers a vista of the whole farm, I am really looking forward to next year's CSA and spending some time out here!

When we got too chilled, we headed back, crossing paths with the remaining hen (destined for its own harvest tomorrow).

I really appreciate the intricacies of the farm and the way all the pieces fit together like this -- everything has its place and its time
. And though I'm sorry to see the season end for us all, I'm ready for the next phase of the year and will look forward to next year's growing season, too.

I'll CSA you again soon!

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