Saturday, October 04, 2008

Market Report: 10/4/08

Now that we're into the last weeks of the farmers' market, it's time to huddle close against the chill and stock up on warming foods.

As the number of farmers and vendors has dwindled, the market has compressed back into the original quadrant of the town square, making it easier to make the rounds without leaving anyone out.

The Renaissance Man and I planned to spend most of the day on the local Solar Tour, but before we headed out, I wanted to see what was to be had at the market. And is it any surprise that, though I thought I wouldn't buy much of anything, I went home with a full backpack?

Among the irresistible finds were:

--a beautiful dark green celery tinged with red, as well as a bag of parsnips from the Sheep Farmer
--two bags of spinach from the Cheerful Lady
--a quart of Brussels sprouts from a new fellow
--more Chioggia beets, a bag of spelt flour, and spelt molasses cookies from the Spelt Baker
--a handful of small sweet potatoes from a very nice lady
--half a dozen Wolf River apples from the Orchardist

The Renaissance Man also picked up a couple of fry pies (blackberry and red raspberry) and a pair of the Cheerful Lady's delicious little rhubarb coffee cakes for our outing. (I'm so glad that, like me, he likes to travel on his stomach!)

I've got ideas for all those goodies, but they'll have to wait until I get home!

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