Saturday, October 25, 2008

Market Report: 10/25/08

It must be time for the farmers' market to close up shop for the year.

It makes me terribly sad to admit that, but given the chilly and damp weather this morning -- along with the scarcity of farmers on the square -- I'd say the harvest season is about over.

I arrived at the market early so that I had plenty of time to visit with the remaining farmers (and to share home-baked pear scones with them) before we said good-bye for the season.

The Gentleman Farmer and his eldest son manned their farm booth today as the Lady Bountiful was at home caring for their sick daughter. Their faces lit up when I handed them the treats, and we talked a good bit while I settled on a small butternut squash, a small spaghetti squash, a pint of small onions, and a trio of red peppers.

I also enjoyed visiting with the Cheerful Lady, and Handyman Joe and I got in our last razzing of each other for 2008. I walked away from their table with two small heads of broccoli and a lot of cookies. (Yes, I paid for it all -- in more ways than one!)

And on the way out of the square, I picked up sweet potatoes and a beautiful head of cauliflower from the Amish Farmer. (I thought about getting a head of cabbage, but I just don't see when I would have time to cook with it this next week.)

It was a fairly small haul for me at the market, but at this time of year, I'm generally well set on produce storage and don't need much more. And I certainly didn't want to overload my backpack as I hiked home.

So it's farewell to my favorite farmers for another year. Thanks to all of them, I know I will still eat very well over the winter.

And I hope to see them all back next year!

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