Saturday, October 18, 2008

Market Report: 10/18/08

Who turned off the heat? I actually had to turn the furnace on this morning (low, of course) to take a bit of chill off the air at home, and I bundled up well under light layers before hiking to the farmers' market.

After picking up a hot drink at the pastry shop, I visited the few hardy farmers and vendors out on this sunny but frigid morning. Yes, the crowd is dwindling again, but that doesn't mean I'm ready to let them go for the year!

The Lady Bountiful and the Gentleman Farmer still -- three months after the first! -- have okra, and they also had a second crop of both wax and green beans to sell along with the remaining tomatoes and eggplant and the continuing fall crops. I enjoyed talking with the GF for once (I usually have a long chat with the Lady, but she kept busy with customers), and he agreed to set aside some wax beans for My Wonderful Parents since I knew they'd be by later. For myself, I bought from them a quart of green beans, two pints of lovely little Fairy Tale eggplant, and a bunch of Swiss chard.

Moving on, I shared greetings with the Goat Lady and the Old Man of the Orchard before spending lots of time talking with the Spelt Farmer. She had large bundles of gorgeous carrots along with enormous daikon, bags of fingerling potatoes, fennel stalks, and her usual array of spelt products. I ended up choosing the carrots, a loaf of her fantastic focaccia, a spelt molasses cookie, and a small bag of spelt berries.

The Cheerful Lady teased me from the get-go -- not because I was running "late" but because she had "finally worked up the courage" to stop by to visit me with fresh cinnamon rolls -- and discovered I wasn't around. She did save the rolls for me, though, so I tucked those into my backpack along with a head of broccoli, a bag of spinach, a small bundle of rosemary, and two of her daughter's cookies.

After picking up a bunch of celery from the Amish Farmer, I stopped across the way to visit with the Madcap Farmer and to purchase some of the luscious fall raspberries he had for sale.

By the time I had wandered around to chat with everyone (and stepped across the street to cash a check at the bank), I had spent about an hour and a half downtown. But as I wandered through again on my way home, I bumped into My Wonderful Parents -- and then had to make the rounds again with them in tow!

We stopped first at the Cheerful Lady's stand so that my folks could pick up their half-turkey from her, along with a bag of spinach and one of her delectable little rhubarb coffeecakes. They also collected their wax beans from the Gentleman Farmer, along with some colored peppers, and they also succumbed to the Spelt Farmer's carrots and focaccia. (Hey, I get my good taste honestly!)

Even though their visit was considerably shorter than mine, I ended up spending two hours at the market -- surely a new record (not counting the time I got roped in to help)!

But why not? Last week will be the last for this year's farmers' market, and then I'll have to wait months again until I can see them all.

So despite the cold, I'll hang on to their warmth as long as I can.

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