Saturday, October 11, 2008

Market Report: 10/11/08

The cool sunshine that greeted me as I headed down to the farmers' market this morning highlighted reddening leaves and fading blossoms. I do love fall, and I so enjoy how the different light creates a whole new world in passing.

I ran a few brief errands on the way to the square and popped into the Hungarian pastry shop for a little smackerel of something as well as to say hello to the Pastry Lady, but I soon made my eager way over to visit the farmers.

The Lady Bountiful had help from the Gentleman Farmer himself today instead of one of their children (the other Saturday market they attend is closed for the year now), so I enjoyed the chance to talk with them a little more as I cast an eye over their produce. I ended up buying two more of their lovely little pie pumpkins, a box of small onions, and some of the Lady's excellent beeswax hand cream.

Among the other farmers I stopped to chat with were:

--the Maple Syrup Folks, who gladly parted with a quart of local maple syrup to fill my pantry
--the fellow from the Orchard, though I didn't buy anything from him
--another new baker, who had chocolate-drizzled pretzel rods that I couldn't resist
--the Sheep Farmer, whose parsnips and carrots also called my name
--the Cheerful Lady, who I paid for a reserved half of a turkey for My Wonderful Parents' Thanksgiving table; she also had comfrey plants, so I bought one for the herb garden
--the Fiddlin' Farmer, who had a truckload of bittersweet, one of the Chef Mother's favorite seasonal decorations

I lingered for well over an hour, not minding the chill in the morning air, and enjoyed the company of all these good people.

Only two more weeks to go -- and it's been such a marvelous market year!

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At 10/13/2008 1:39 PM, Blogger Tara said...

We often come to Wooster to eat at Broken Rocks or go to one of the knit shops. Last time we were there my daughter and I stopped into the Hungarian Pastry shop and saw that they serve real breakfasts. That will probably be our next family outing... and then I imagine I will drag my poor husband to the yarn shop. We really love what's been happening in downtown Wooster over the past few years. It's a neat place.

At 10/13/2008 1:43 PM, Blogger The Baklava Queen said...

May I just say, you have excellent taste, Tara. :-) And the rolled omelettes at the pastry shop are a nice switch from the pastries.

There are many good things happening here. Do you know about the upcoming Buckeye Book Fair? If not, drop me a line (email in the profile link).


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