Friday, October 10, 2008

Green Space

Though the nights have grown a little chilly lately, we still haven't had a serious frost. (Well, the Lady Bountiful has reported frosts on her farm, but I haven't had any in my gardens.)

So when I thought I would have a lot of clearing to do in the garden when I stopped by today, I was pleasantly surprised to find the remaining vegetables still growing.

True, the tomatoes have only put out a handful more green fruit, hardly worth mentioning, but their neighbors are flourishing. The carrots have finally hit their stride and are growing nicely, though they haven't gotten too big. The herbs in the area -- parsley, sage, and oregano -- have also grown lush, so I picked some of them to dry.

The Southern Belle had picked all of the kale for me two weeks ago, but since she left the stems, a second crop has appeared, so I picked even more of the tender leaves. (I do love kale!)

Two kinds of lettuce apparently reseeded themselves before I had a chance to gather any seed, so their lime-green leaves make a brilliant and fortuitous addition to the garden!

On top of all that, I harvested a sizable amount of chickweed (growing under the nasturtiums) and stinging nettle (under the tomatoes), and I pulled a few small scallions as well.

The Absent-Minded Professor has yet to set up a compost bin for us, but it looks like we still have some time left before we'll really need to clear the garden.

And we're already making plans for next year...

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