Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oh, Say, Can You CSA? Week 16

Life has been exceptionally full and more than a bit chaotic this week. I've had things to do every evening, and the town has been agog over the impending visit of a major candidate in this year's election.

In fact, that visit will take place this evening close to my workplace, and all the preparations for the event meant that My Wonderful Parents were going to have a very difficult time picking me up from work for our weekly CSA outing.

So I sent them on their merry way and dodged crowds on my own walk home. Happily, though, they showed up not long after I arrived, bearing all the wonderful produce for the week:

The Lady Bountiful assembled another colorful collection of farm produce for us:

--one bunch of leeks (one for my folks, the rest for me)
--two sweet onions (split)
--one small box of Fairy Tale eggplant (for my folks)
--one big orange sweet pepper (for me)
--one small box of summer squash (split)
--two bulbs of garlic (for me)
--two Sweet Slice cucumbers (for me)
--one bag Red Pontiac potatoes (split)
--one pint tomatillos (for me)
--two pounds tomatoes (for me)
--a pint of Matt's Wild Cherry tomatoes (for the Chef Mother, who loves snacking on them)
--one bag of mixed lettuces (for me)
--one bunch of cilantro (for me)
--one quart pears, still a little on the green side (for me)

Yes, once again I took the bulk of the produce. My Dear Papa is feeling somewhat better but still has to tread carefully where raw or acidic vegetables are concerned, so I get to reap the benefits. (Sorry, Pop! But thanks!)

I think I'm very thankful that the Renaissance Man is coming to dinner tonight so that I can use some of this produce -- and perhaps send some home with him. The refrigerator is getting full again!

Just like my life!

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