Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Oh, Say, Can You CSA? Week 14

Though the temperatures took a bit of a nose dive last week, we're back to sunny summer weather this week, and that means that our CSA pickup is still going strong, loaded with good summer vegetables:

This week, My Dear Papa and I picked up (and split):

--two sweet onions (split)
--one eggplant (mine)
--two peppers, one red (mine) and one yellow (to my folks)
--one green zucchini (for them)
--one summer squash (for me)
--one cantaloupe (for them)
--one pint of okra (split)
--one quart medium and hot peppers (split)
--four pounds tomatoes (split)
--one pint cherry tomatoes (for me)
--one pint tomatillos (split)
--two pounds Red Pontiac potatoes (for me)
--one cucumber (for them)
--a bag of basil (for me)

I picked up an extra red pepper as well so that I can roast or dry some red pepper pieces for winter, but aside from that, I don't really have many plans for preservation this week. (I think, though, that I'll have to make salsa again since I have so many tomatillos and tomatoes!)

That's a good variety of produce for meals this week, so perhaps for once this summer I can focus on cooking and savoring fresh food in the moment instead of all the canning and such I've been doing of late. Wouldn't that be nice?

Six more weeks of scheduled CSA to go... can't wait!

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